What is QJYelec.com

BOLEZHONG CO.,LTD is a stocking/sourcing distributor located in China. QJYelec.com is our online shop dealing with many brands of power semiconductors, especially in power modules. Our goal is to provide one-stop professional solutions for our customers. For over ten years, Industry elites have been relying on our expertise, quality, flexibility and affordable services.


Our satisfied customers choose QJY because of their need for excellent customer service, competent technical support and immediate availability of a vast assortment of product and services. Our customers spread all over the world: Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Russia, Syria, Czech, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, France, USA, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore,......


All parts listed on web are real stock. If you could not see a part number, simply click the “Contact us” on our homepage.


Let us be your one-stop souring destination for hard-to-find.obsolete, and long lead-time parts at a 20-30% savings on select components.


Company Profile



Found date: April,2000

Headquarter Location: Room B126, YuTong Business Center, Dajingcun 260#, Feng Tai District, Beijing, China

Tax number: 110108774090310

Employees: 60 headcounts (April 1st 2011)

Business Power semiconductor especially in power modules