Help & FAQ

How to become the registered user?

 It’s very easy to become the registered user of QJYelec.com, you just need to click the “Register” on the home page or the “Great Account” linkage, then please input an e-mail address which you commonly use, with a set of password, and then you can become our user. The registration information and later the invoice, order information will be sent to the e-mail address which you used for the registration.


How to use our Shopping Cart system?

Through the Product catalog page or the product detail page, the “Add to cart” button is there for you to put the selected product into the shopping cart. The product can be in shopping cart at the most for 30 days, you can within this period anytime to order the products together with the previous selected products, only need to choose the button “Check out”. For selected products which has overdue 30 days, they would be eliminated in the shopping cart.


How to set or change the Billing address and Shipping address?

You can input your billing address and shipping address in your first time registration or first time check out. When the address changed, you can make relative changes or modification in Menu “Profit details” under “My account” menu.


What to do if my country or region is not listed in the “Billing address” and “Shipping address” drop down menu?

If your country or region is not listed in the “billing address” and “shipping address”, please e-mail to our Customer service at service@qjyelec.com


Where could I review and print my invoice?

When you have finished the order, the website will send the invoice to the e-mail address you provided in the registration, and you can also find the relative invoice for the order in the “Orders” under “My account” Menu.


How do I change my order after I check out?

If you want to change your order after check out, please e-mail to our customer service at : service@qjyelec.com


How can I pay for my order?

We have provided with Paypal on line payment service, except for which, we also accept bank transfer, for the detailed bank account information please refer to the payment option page. If your region did not support the above two payment options, please contact our customer service at: service@qjyelec.com


What are the shipping rates and delivery time?

We current provide with the Express Delivery and Postal Delivery service for transportation, the freight charges and delivery time have difference between the two methods. In addition, the freight charge and delivery time also have difference referring to different region, for the details please refer to the delivery charge page during the ordering procedure.

In additional, we apply the free shipping policy for the single order amount over 1000USD.


Our work time

QJYelec provides with 7*24 hour online service. For current stock we will arrange the delivery within 12 hours after the order. But if under circumstance that differentiation exists in service of freight forwarding or logistic partners, the order trace would be available a few days after the delivery, please have no worry and concerns about this.

In case of weekends and holidays, our logistics services provided by the logistics partner would have limitations and need to be extended, thanks for your understanding.


What kind of Quality Guarantee?

To all the products sold on our website, we are providing with three month’s quality guarantee, for any problem encountered during the warranty period, please contact with our customer service at service@qjyelec.com. While for the damage due from improper installation by the customer or other manual factors, it could not enjoy the Quality Guarantee. There would exist different quality guarantee for specific product warranty, please refer to the product description.